It is a pleasure for the dance loving audience that they are able to choose from several dance festivals in Hungary by now. However, we offer the best opportunity for those who wish to see the broadest spectrum of Hungarian dance scene. The 12th Hungarian Dance Festival brings the most valuable pieces from amateur movements through professional and folk dances, classical and experimental works, chamber pieces to the art of circus to Győr between 20 and 26 June.

And what about the future generation? We have not forgotten them either. We will continue the programme of "festival within the festival". We have arranged the Children's Dance Festival in the Vaskakas Art Centre for the second time this year. Our young and adult audience will be able to see popular examples of how ballet draws on folk dance and vice versa.

Our Festival would not be complete without a view over the borders. Our guests will include the Ballet Company of the Brno National Theatre, the Israel Ballet, Maros Art Ensemble and the Ballet Company of the Kassa State Theatre.

Another special feature of our festival is the presence of experimental productions in the Kisfaludy Room. Those who are interested in the future of dance will have a chance to gain an insight in the most exciting pieces of Hungarian and international dance workshops. The rehearsal room, called festival cinema for the coming week, will host János Lakatos' educational lectures: under the title of "Dance and... (eroticism, creativity, technology, health)".

You will see the photographer János Eifert's photo exhibition entitled 'Geometry' in the Chandelier Hall.

You will find a rich selection of light, amusement productions, free of charge, in front of the theatre, on Place John Paul II, with a refreshed festival look. Folk dance, show dance, Argentinian and Cuban night, salsa party and the inevitable dance houses.

Our detailed programme is available in the festival brochure and on the internet.

We look forward to see you all! I wish happy days to all of guests!


János KISS

Kossuth Award Holder, Artist of Merit

Director of the Ballet Company of Győr
Festival Director